<aside> 📌 The AI Proofreader is one of the unique features in Line 21.

It has the role to supervise and correct captions produced by a human. The AI Proofreader is also highly adaptable based on the context and further instructions provided and works with the majority of languages.


Turning On & Setting Up

Turning the AI Proofreader on and off is simple. Just slide the toggle to the right, as shown in the screenshot below.


When you select a Proofreader mode, your options will expand to to include the following options:


  1. Modes Choose which ‘mode’ you want to use, or disable the Proofreader if you change your mind.
  2. Settings Choose the speed and accuracy of your revisions.
  3. Context Enter the context for your session. We have built the prompts into the engine for you, so you can be concise.

Trust Mode: Advisor, Assistant, Approver?

<aside> 🧠 The AI Proofreader has three trust modes to support you. You can change your mode at any time, including while writing**.** All captions can be edited once distributed.