<aside> <img src="/icons/translate_red.svg" alt="/icons/translate_red.svg" width="40px" /> Ai Translations are a great way to enhance the services you offer to your clients. Since you are already producing high quality captions, you can also automatically translate them into various target languages.

Viewers will subsequently be able to choose either the original caption language or another translated language of their choice. We use a mix of translation engines depending on the language desired to maximise the quality of the translation.


šŸ’¬ Setting Up Translations

Choosing your AI Translation languages is exactly the same as choosing your writer input language - start to type the languages you want translated, click and save them.


šŸ”€ Language Table

The following languages below are available both as AI Translations and for writers to input captions:

A ā†’ E

F ā†’ J

K ā†’ O

P ā†’ T

Uā†’ Z