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<aside> 📌 At A Glance: Billing Registering creates a free account that allows you to test Line21 in a limited preview mode.

To upgrade to production mode, you need to provide your billing information and register a card.


The first time you choose ‘Billing’ in your Dashboard, you will be prompted to complete your billing setup by providing:

  1. Billing Email To receive invoices and other notifications ( this email can be the same as your account registration or another).

  2. Company Name The name of your company as it will be visible on the invoices. Try to use the name of the legal entity (i.e. Line 21 is the name of the organisation, but the legal entity is L21 Limited).


This unlocks the Billing section of your dashboard, and gives you a test, or Preview account.

🟠 Preview vs Production Modes

An organisation can be in **preview** or **production** mode.

Preview mode offers limited functionality and should only be used for testing.

You will have access to all of the platform features, with the following restrictions: